Individual therapy can enhance your quality of life by:

·         Providing a safe, emphatic environment for processing your emotions

·         Facilitating a better understanding of who you are

·         Improving how you related to others

·         Empowering you to change long standing behavioral patterns that are not helpful anymore

·         Teaching you healthy coping skills

·         Increasing your self esteem and confidence

·         Learning self-compassion and letting go of old hurts

·         Finding fulfillment and meaning  in your career and personal life

·         Learning organizational skills, and staying focused on what is meaningful to you


In individual therapy I can help with the following issues:

            Depression and anxiety

            Chronic mental illness

            Anger and self harming behaviors

            Body image and eating disorders

            Identity/ gender concerns

            Self esteem concerns

Relationship problems such as: marital problems or relationship/ communication problems with family members, friends, or coworkers

Loss, grief, and trauma due to abuse/ neglect, health problems, unexpected negative life events, or immigration and cultural adjustment issues

Work related stress such as: difficulty balancing work –and personal life , burnout, lack  of fulfillment, difficulty staying organized and focused, difficulty communicating with coworkers, and leadership

Education related stress such as:  academic anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionism, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating and staying organized, lack of passion, finding the right career, anxiety related to completing dissertations and thesis